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bidt-Forschungsprojekt Digitaler Humanismus

Digital humanism

The project aims to contribute to ensuring that the process of digital transformation in Bavaria and Europe is aligned with human needs and ethical values in the spirit of the core ideas of humanist philosophy and practice.

Dissemination and acceptance of artificial intelligence

Project description The rapid development and spread of artificial intelligence (AI) has a profound impact on society. New generative AI models can already create text, images, and videos that are indistinguishable from human-generated…

Header Digitalisierung Hochschullehre

Digitisation in university teaching

To what extent is digital learning content taught in higher education? The project team is analysing course descriptions from various universities in order to gain insights into their degree of digitalisation and make them…

Data Donations and Digital Nudges for Sustainable Behavior Change

The project DataDonations4SustainableChange is dedicated to the question of how awarenessand willingness to donate data can be promoted by means of digital nudges in order to achieve sustainablebehavioral change in the areas…

Green Data, Indicators, Algorithms: Connecting Smart Cities and Sustainable Finance

The project explores biases, implicit theories of change and implications of existing sustainability measurement and valuation models and generates against the background of this analysis new regionally, spatially and institutionally…

The Influence of Humorously Intended Communication on Political Decision-Making in the Context of Climate Change

KLIMA-MEMES investigates the influence of memes (humorously intended texts/pictures/videos shared online) on political decision-making in the context of public discourses about an adequate handling of climate change.

Real-time earth Observation of fOrest dynamics and biodiversiTy (ROOT)

In the course of accelerated climate change, provisioning of digital information on dynamics in forests plays a key role for climate change-appropriate and sustainable forest management. ROOT aims to develop a geoinformation…

Prevalence and acceptance of home office in Germany

The bidt conducted several short surveys providing insights into the prevalence and practice of home office in Germany (in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic).

The bidt-Digitalbarometer

As a representative population survey, the bidt-SZ-Digitalbarometer provides data on digital transformation in Germany.

Digitalisation at universities due to the coronavirus (DiHS.c)

The collaborative project being undertaken by the IHF and the bidt examines the impact of the corona pandemic on the digitalisation of universities.