Topic: Digital work environment

Digitalised processes facilitate workflows, while technology enables new forms of communication and collaboration: insights into the opportunities and possible conflicts arising from the partnership between humans and machines.

Science in Dialogue: The bidt at the Open BAdW Day 2024

On 4 May, the BAdW opened its doors to the public. The bidt was also present with an information stand, a presentation and a panel discussion on digitalisation and artificial intelligence.


A computer is a mathematical machine that can automatically execute sequences of instructions formulated as programs.

Cover bidt study

Generative AI is changing school and university – key challenges

The bidt study shows how generative AI is used and perceived, particularly in an educational context. A critical examination of AI, clear guidelines and controlled examination formats are just a few of the current challenges.

Five people at the panel discussion

Increasing the digital competence of Europe: The “” study is presented in Brussels

How do things stand with regard to the digital competences of populations in different European countries? The “” was presented at the Representation of the Free State of Bavaria…

bidt im Podcast Systemfragen des Deutschlandfunks

bidt as a guest on Deutschlandfunk’s “Systemfragen” podcast

As part of the Deutschlandfunk podcast “Systemfragen”, Dr Roland A. Stürz provided answers to the question “Why are Germans so attached to cash”, as well as further findings from the international comparison…

Autonomous systems

Autonomous systems are complex processes that carry out actions independently without human control.

Additive manufacturing/3D printing

Additive manufacturing and its manufacturing processes are characterized by the fact that the components are generated by adding, applying and depositing material.

Digital Twin

The digital twin is a virtual representation of a product, a process or a production plant that collects and processes data by means of automated data synchronization.

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Effective data protection as a success factor for the digital work environment

The Policy Brief with the topic “More is more: Better employee data protection for comprehensive use of workplace data” can be found here: The top five challenges for data protection Teebken and Hess criticise the current…

Impuls Beschäftigtendatenschutz Druckversion

More is more: Better employee data protection for comprehensive use of workplace data

Dr Mena Teebken and Prof Thomas Hess identify the key challenges of data protection in the workplace. Five recommendations are intended to strengthen employees’ trust in data protection and address the needs of companies.