Topic: Digital work environment

Digitalised processes facilitate workflows, while technology enables new forms of communication and collaboration: insights into the opportunities and possible conflicts arising from the partnership between humans and machines.

SZ Langstrecke on artificial intelligence

At the SZ panorama lounge, we have a look at the latest edition of the “SZ Langstrecke”, which focuses on artificial intelligence. You can gain insights into the bidt study “Prevalence and acceptance of generative AI in Germany…

bidt-Studie Generative KI in DE Titel

New bidt study: Generative AI is significantly changing the working environment

A new study by bidt shows: Generative artificial intelligence (AI) such as ChatGPT has spread rapidly in German workplaces. Current figures on usage, satisfaction and risk awareness.

bidt-Studie Generative KI in DE Titel

Prevalence and acceptance of generative AI in Germany and in German workplaces

Generative artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important in the working environment. The study examines the use, perception and concerns about generative artificial intelligence.

Unravelling acceptance in the light of technology: Insights, perspectives and a research approach

Members of the project “Transforming Digitally” reflect on the concept of technology acceptance from their different disciplinary perspectives.

Dissemination and acceptance of artificial intelligence

Project description The rapid development and spread of artificial intelligence (AI) has a profound impact on society. New generative AI models can already create text, images, and videos that are indistinguishable from human-generated…

“”: Germany lags behind in digital skills

The new “” reveals that the German population has weaker digital skills compared to other European countries.

The German population lags behind in digital skills compared to other European countries, according to the new “”.

Andreas Wenninger as a guest on the “Datenaffaire” podcast

Annika B. Bergbauer and Andreas Wenninger discuss efficient methods for achieving high-quality and speedy research results in the podcast “Datenaffaire”.

bidt Konferenz 2023: Communicating Digitally – Communicating the Digital

Automation of digital communication processes, regulation of new technologies, digital participation – this year, the bidt conference focuses on fields of action in digital communication.