Topic: Digital responsibility

The digital transformation in all areas of life leads to ethical and legal issues when digital technologies are used for the common good, ranging from ensuring digital participation to data security.

bidt-Forschungsprojekt Digitaler Humanismus

Digital humanism

The project aims to contribute to ensuring that the process of digital transformation in Bavaria and Europe is aligned with human needs and ethical values in the spirit of the core ideas of humanist philosophy and practice.

DigiMeet 2023 | Diversity in digital transformation

The bidt, CAIS, HBI and Weizenbaum Institute invite doctoral researchers to present their work at the newly established joint Digitalisation Research and Network Meeting – DigiMeet.

Cybersecurity and IT security research

IT security research: ethical issues and legal challenges

We spoke with Professor Felix Freiling about the biggest IT security gaps in Germany and possible solutions to the legal risks faced by IT security researchers.

“We need something like the economic miracle in the AI sector”

We spoke with the author, podcaster and internet entrepreneur about possible solutions to reduce fears about the AI transformation.

Unequal and contested – Content Delivery Networks as critical infrastructures

Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers are increasingly influencing military contexts and geopolitical tensions and conflicts. A digital policy debate on these critical infrastructures has been overdue.

(Always) close gaps? How should the state deal with IT security gaps?

In the “bidt Werkstatt digital”, the speakers will discuss proposals formulated in the bidt policy brief “Closing gaps: Dealing with IT security gaps responsibly ” and related papers.

bidt Konferenz 2023: Communicating Digitally – Communicating the Digital

Automation of digital communication processes, regulation of new technologies, digital participation – this year, the bidt conference focuses on fields of action in digital communication.

AI-Talk by Yann LeCun: From Machine Learning to Autonomous Intelligence

Prof. Dr. Yann LeCun, Chief AI Scientist for Meta AI Research and Silver Professor at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University will propose a possible path towards autonomous intelligent agents,…

Closing security gaps

The most recent bidt policy brief focuses on the responsible management of IT security vulnerabilities.