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29 May 2024

Lecture series: Self-Driving Cars: Are we there yet?

This year's public lecture series on digitalisation is specifically dedicated to the topic of digital sustainability.

Speaker: Missy Cummings (George Mason University)

Self-driving cars have been a dream of society from almost the time of invention. With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), this dream has seemingly become reality with driverless commercial operations in a handful of cities around the world.  However, given the recent tragic accident involving a pedestrian and a Cruise self-driving car, as well as multiple high-profile Tesla crashes, the reality that such systems may not actually be as capable as envisioned is slowly creeping into the public’s consciousness. Given these concerns, it is important to step back and analyze just why AI is struggling to operate safely in autonomous vehicles. This talk will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of AI in self-driving cars, as well as in all safety-critical applications, and lay out a roadmap for safe integration of these technologies on public roadways.

About the Series

The Department of Computer Science at the CIT School of the Technical University of Munich is organising a public lecture series on the topic of digitalisation in collaboration with bidt. This year, the topic of digital sustainability will be examined from the perspective of different disciplines in order to achieve an overarching and interdisciplinary understanding of the subject matter.