Topic: Digital society

How can society successfully undergo digital transformation? From the state of digitalisation in Germany to questions regarding its benefits for the common good, social change requires a dialogue prioritising knowledge transfer.

bidt-Studie Generative KI in DE Titel

New bidt study: Generative AI is significantly changing the working environment

A new study by bidt shows: Generative artificial intelligence (AI) such as ChatGPT has spread rapidly in German workplaces. Current figures on usage, satisfaction and risk awareness.

bidt-Studie Generative KI in DE Titel

Prevalence and acceptance of generative AI in Germany and in German workplaces

Generative artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important in the working environment. The study examines the use, perception and concerns about generative artificial intelligence.

bidt-Forschungsprojekt Digitaler Humanismus

Digital humanism

The project aims to contribute to ensuring that the process of digital transformation in Bavaria and Europe is aligned with human needs and ethical values in the spirit of the core ideas of humanist philosophy and practice.

DigiMeet 2023 | Diversity in digital transformation

The bidt, CAIS, HBI and Weizenbaum Institute invite doctoral researchers to present their work at the newly established joint Digitalisation Research and Network Meeting – DigiMeet.

Courage to participate: insights from “bidt Konferenz 2023: Communicating Digitally – Communicating the Digital”

Generative AI and automated digital communication, regulation of new technologies and digital participation – these and other topics were the focus of “bidt Konferenz 2023” on 11 and 12 October at Gasteig HP8.

“We need something like the economic miracle in the AI sector”

We spoke with the author, podcaster and internet entrepreneur about possible solutions to reduce fears about the AI transformation.

Dissemination and acceptance of artificial intelligence

Project description The rapid development and spread of artificial intelligence (AI) has a profound impact on society. New generative AI models can already create text, images, and videos that are indistinguishable from human-generated…

How Germany is spending too much time talking about digitalisation

How Germany is spending too much time talking about digitalisation

In this blog post, Dirk von Gehlen writes about the debate on the digital transformation in Germany – and why we need more courage.

#climatechange – Do internet memes influence climate policy?

Memes are spreading across social media and shaping the public climate debate. How exactly do they do this – and do memes even influence political decisions?