Topic: Digital society

How can society successfully undergo digital transformation? From the state of digitalisation in Germany to questions regarding its benefits for the common good, social change requires a dialogue prioritising knowledge transfer.

When robots write newspapers: Will the public trust AI journalism?

How does the news audience react when journalistic articles are labelled as products of generative AI? A bidt research project is analysing trust in AI journalism.

ChatGPT in schools and universities — a turning point for learning and teaching?

The quality of ChatGPT was surprising at the beginning. The first effects on the German education system quickly became apparent. What developments can be expected? An interview with Ute Schmid and Dirk Heckmann.

Five questions for Judith Wittwer

What do experts think about digitalisation? And how do they themselves deal with modern means of communication? We asked Judith Wittwer, editor-in-chief of the SZ and member of the bidt board of trustees, five questions.

Artificial intelligence as a trustworthy journalist? Effects of AI-generated messages on (skeptical) citizens

The project is investigating how AI in climate protection can help to increase the willingness to accept messages and promote an objective debate with counter-arguments.

New ways in science management

As a research coordinator, Maria Staudte supervises the bidt junior researcher programme and is the contact person for doctoral students. In this portrait, she outlines her path to the bidt in Bavaria.

Digital humanism – what it is and what it entails

Klaus Staudacher explains the concept of digital humanism to make the consequences of digital transformation tangible as an opportunity for individuals.

For..Net lecture at Deutschlandfunk Nova

The bidt on Deutschlandfunk Nova: The For..Net lecture “Artificial intelligence and examination law” has been released as a podcast. In it Sarah Rachut and Dirk Heckmann explain why the use of AI in exams should be permitted.

The role of humour in the climate crisis

What role does humorous content such as memes play in the climate discourse? A team of researchers in the KLIMA-MEMES project is investigating this question. Initial findings were presented at re:publica24.

Science in Dialogue: The bidt at the Open BAdW Day 2024

On 4 May, the BAdW opened its doors to the public. The bidt was also present with an information stand, a presentation and a panel discussion on digitalisation and artificial intelligence.