Topic: Digital politics

Digitalisation as a cross-sectional issue presents particular challenges for policymakers. Digital policy unites the social and political questions and responsibilities arising from digital transformation.

Data exchange in the EU: New rules in the Data Governance Act (Part 2/2)

The infrastructuralisation process is to be driven forward by the Data Governance Act. The DGA is intended as a control tool to regulate data exchange processes, but there are doubts about its control potential.

Data exchange in the EU: Infrastructure (Part 1/2)

Geopolitical considerations make digital sovereignty of the European area necessary. An important step towards this is European data sovereignty through the creation of federated data spaces.

A Regulatory Clustering of Privacy Laws

The working paper constitutes a central component of the underlying project’s approach of allowing interdisciplinary comparison of the impact of different regulatory systems on individual behavior.

Personenbezogene Daten und Datenschutz

“The law alone cannot explain how data protection actually works in different countries.”

In this interview, Professor Kai von Lewinski reveals exciting results from the “Vectors of Data Disclosure” project, a comparative study on the use of personal data.

Dr Fabian Mehring, State Minister of Digital Affairsas a guest at bidt

State Minister of Digital Affairs Dr Fabian Mehring as a guest at bidt

During his visit to the bidt, we spoke with State Minister of Digital Affairs Dr. Fabian Mehring about important topics of digital transformation, including generative artificial intelligence and the fight against disinformation…

Cover „bidt Impuls“ Monitoring von Meinungsmacht

Paradigm shift: new approach to measuring opinion power in the platform age

Youtube, X, BILD – which media brands influence public opinion and how can opinion power be measured? The ‘bidt policy brief’ outlines how opinion power monitoring can replace the tv-centred media concentration law.

Cover „bidt Impuls“ Monitoring von Meinungsmacht

Monitoring opinion power: A new approach to ensure diverse opinion formation in the platform age

This policy brief shows how contemporary opinion power monitoring could look like and outlines the need for action.

Smart City

The EU defines smart cities as cities that use technology to improve the management and efficiency of urban space.

Earth observation

Earth observation describes the collection of information about the Earth’s physical, chemical and biological systems.

bidt Director Professor Dirk Heckmann re-elected as constitutional judge

tThe bidt congratulates Dirk Heckmann, who has been elected as a part-time constitutional judge for the fifth time. Professor Heckmann holds the Chair of Law and Security of Digitalisation at the Technical University of Munich…