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26 June 2024

Lecture series: The Delusion of Scaling and the Democratization of Generative AI

This year's public lecture series on digitalisation is specifically dedicated to the topic of digital sustainability.

Speaker: Björn Ommer (LMU)

The ultimate goal of computer vision and learning are models that understand our (visual) world. Recently, learning such representations of our surroundings has been revolutionized by deep generative models that profoundly change the way we interact with, program, and solve problems with computers. However, most of the progress came from sizing up models – to the point where the necessary resources started to have profound detriments on future (academic) research, industry, and society.
This talk will contrast the most common generative models to date and highlight the very specific limitations they have despite their enormous potential. We will then investigate mitigation strategies such as Stable Diffusion and, more recently, flow matching approaches to significantly enhance efficiency and democratize AI. Besides visual synthesis, the talk will cover challenging applications such as the estimation of scene geometry.
Time permitting, we will also delve into the implications that generative AI is unfolding on our societies.

About the Series

The Department of Computer Science at the CIT School of the Technical University of Munich is organising a public lecture series on the topic of digitalisation in collaboration with bidt. This year, the topic of digital sustainability will be examined from the perspective of different disciplines in order to achieve an overarching and interdisciplinary understanding of the subject matter.