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5 June 2024

Lecture series: Trustworthy AI – An Oxymoron?

This year's public lecture series on digitalisation is specifically dedicated to the topic of digital sustainability.

Speaker: Jan Hiesserich (Aleph Alpha)

Can AI be trustworthy? This question probes the essence of AI’s relationship with humans. While trust typically stems from human intuition, AI operates on algorithms and data. Is this a problem? If trustworthiness in AI requires the integration of ethical principles, transparency, accountability, and reliability, what does that mean for the human-machines paradigm? We are convinced that through interdisciplinary research and collaboration, from computer science to philosophy, we can navigate AI complexities with confidence and make it work for us, even in highly regulated and complex environments. Trustworthy AI isn’t contradictory—it’s essential for AI’s potential while safeguarding human values.

About the Series

The Department of Computer Science at the CIT School of the Technical University of Munich is organising a public lecture series on the topic of digitalisation in collaboration with bidt. This year, the topic of digital sustainability will be examined from the perspective of different disciplines in order to achieve an overarching and interdisciplinary understanding of the subject matter.