Topic: Digital competition

Digitalisation is reshaping the global economic order. As companies digitalise products and services, their market positions are shifting. How can we carve out a European approach to the international digital competition?


A computer is a mathematical machine that can automatically execute sequences of instructions formulated as programs.

More digital literacy for Europe in times of generative AI

How well is Europe prepared for generative AI and an increasingly digitalised society? What is the status of the digital skills of the European citizens? These questions are at the centre of the event in cooperation with the Representation…

Digital financial products

Digitalization in the financial sector fundamentally affects all financial services, i.e. all contracts and transactions in B2B, B2C and C2C relationships.

Identity crisis? How companies transform digitally and stay true to themselves at the same time

How to make digital transformation work for companies? Angela Graf and Thomas Hess show that it is an organisation’s identity that counts.

“There is a need for further education regarding the right to data portability”

After completing their project, Susanne Mayr, Jens Großklags, and Johann Kranz discuss their findings on data portability in this interview.

Panel Discussion | The Chinese Social Credit System Revisited: Implementation, Impact and Irritations

To conclude the project, the public event “The Chinese Social Credit System Revisited: Implementation, Impact and Irritations” will discuss the current state of the SCS with its remaining irritations and draw conclusions…

Data use for medicine, administration and justice

On the occasion of the For..Net Symposium 2023, Dirk Heckmann talks about why the use of data is so relevant for medicine, administration and justice.