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Prevalence and acceptance of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a cross-sectional technology that has been used in various fields for quite some time. With the publication of easily accessible generative AI systems, the importance of AI has recently experienced a further significant boost and the number of possible areas of application has expanded significantly. In this context, this bidt project sheds light on the acceptance of artificial intelligence and the extent of its usage in Germany, partly with comparisons to other European countries.

Project description

The rapid development and spread of artificial intelligence (AI) has a profound impact on society. New generative AI models can already create text, images, and videos that are indistinguishable from human-generated content. Society’s acceptance of and attitudes towards this technology are of growing importance as the areas of application become more diverse and affect more and more areas of professional and private life. Therefore, this research project aims to investigate the attitudes towards as well as the actual use of AI in Germany. This will provide a better understanding of the impact of this technology on society.

To this end, various aspects of the acceptance of and attitudes towards AI in the population will be examined. In a first study (“Understanding and Shaping Artificial Intelligence“), among other things, it was investigated how people in Germany think about the influence of AI on Germany as a business location. In addition, the study provides information about the knowledge and assessments of AI in the population.

A second study focuses on the use of generative AI systems by the population in Germany. Particular attention is paid to the use by employed persons and their assessments, as well as to further developments and possible guidelines in the working world. Another focus lies on the use by students and their assessments.

Furthermore, the project “bidt-Digitalbarometer” takes up AI in its population surveys and provides data on knowledge about AI in different population groups as well as on the acceptance of AI in different application areas.

Project team

Dr. Roland A. Stürz

Head of Think Tank, bidt

Antonia Schlude

Researcher Think Tank, bidt

Ulrike Mendel

Researcher Think Tank, bidt

Danilo Harles

Researcher Think Tank, bidt

Mara Schwind

Researcher Think Tank, bidt

Christian Stumpf

Researcher Think Tank, bidt