Mara Schwind

Researcher Think Tank, bidt

Mara Schwind is a Researcher at the bidt Think Tank. She studied communication science at the University of Passau and gained valuable experience in quantitative as well as qualitative empirical social research during her studies.In addition to her work at the bidt, she is also doing her doctorate under Prof. Hannah Schmid-Petri at the Chair of Science Communication at the University of Passau. Her dissertation focuses on the reciprocal effects of criticism, accusations, and hostility against scientists in social media. How does this negative content affect the scientists concerned and how do they deal with attacks of this kind? How can and must science communication work in the digital age in order to convey scientific evidence while at the same time protecting the communicating scientific actors? A special focus is on possible gender-specific differences: Do the experiences and reactions of female and male scientists differ?