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Digitisation in university teaching

To what extent is digital learning content taught in higher education? The project team is analysing course descriptions from various universities in order to gain insights into their degree of digitalisation and make them accessible to students, among others.

Project description

The dynamic digitalisation of our working world makes comprehensive digital skills indispensable. However, instead of teaching these in a targeted way, teaching at universities focuses more on the use of digital tools than on the actual understanding of digital topics. As a result, students are missing out on important skills they need to be successful in an increasingly digitalised world.

The interdisciplinary research project in cooperation between bidt and the Technical University of Munich addresses this gap. The project team explores the extent of digital learning content in higher education teaching by combining knowledge from the fields of computer science and educational science.

At the centre of the methodological approach is the analysis of course descriptions from current course catalogues or module handbooks from various universities. The project team uses natural language processing (NLP) models for the analysis, which includes both already established NLP methods and the development of a special NLP method for the evaluation of course descriptions. This enables an in-depth evaluation of the degree of digitalisation and the quality of the content conveyed.

The aim of the project is to develop a user-friendly website based on these findings that provides students with a comprehensive overview of digital teaching content at selected universities. In addition, the findings enable a simple assessment of the extent and distribution of digitisation-relevant content in university courses, generate an overview of knowledge transfer and identify gaps in the teaching offer.

Project team

Dr. Christina Dieckhoff

Research Coordinator, bidt

Julia Düsing

Associated Researcher, bidt

Dr. Severin Kacianka

PostDoc Researcher, Chair of Software Engineering | Technical University of Munich

Prof. Dr. Alexander Pretschner

Chairman of bidt's Board of Directors and the Executive Commitee | Chair of Software & Systems Engineering, Technical University of Munich | Scientific director, fortiss