Research area: Communication, Society and Participation

Cover „bidt Impuls“ Monitoring von Meinungsmacht

Monitoring opinion power: A new approach to ensure diverse opinion formation in the platform age

This policy brief shows how contemporary opinion power monitoring could look like and outlines the need for action.

Cover bidt study

Prevalence and acceptance of generative AI at schools and universities

The study examines the use, perception, and concerns regarding generative artificial intelligence among pupils at school and university students.


A darknet is an encrypted network based on protocols for encrypted communication. It serves as a platform for anonymous interactions and enables users to maintain their privacy online.

Smart City

The EU defines smart cities as cities that use technology to improve the management and efficiency of urban space.


The term gamification refers to the use of game elements, i.e. design elements and mechanics from games, to create playful experiences in fields of application outside of board games or computer games.

Digital inequality

The digital inequality thesis claims that people of higher status benefit to a greater extent from the availability of digital technologies.