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Public lecture series “Digitalisation“ summer semester 2024

Digitalisation, AI, ChatGPT - all terms that are omnipresent in the current media discourse. This year's lecture series "Digitalisation" at the TUM in cooperation with the bidt will show their facets and the opportunities and risks they offer.

Public lectures series digitalisation
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In cooperation with the CIT School of the Technical University of Munich, the bidt is organising a public lecture series on the topic of digitalisation in the summer semester of 2024. The programme comprises twelve lectures, which will be streamed on Zoom every Wednesday from 4 pm from 24 April until July 17. Members of a wide range of institutes and universities will present various aspects of the phenomenon of AI in digitalisation in order to stimulate debate on its opportunities and risks. Some of the following questions will be discussed and answered:

Should we introduce a Hippocratic Oath for AI engineers and what would it look like? How much progress has been made with autonomous vehicles? Can AI be trusted? How is AI changing the way media content is produced? Does Generative AI have endless, purely beneficial potential? Are living labs ethical to test AI applications on a small scale? What are the strengths of crowdsourcing? Who is responsible for the creations of generative AI?

Below you can find all lectures which will be held in English; the coming weeks promise exciting insights into the world of artificial intelligence.