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New programmes for the promotion of young talent in the field of digitalisation

The Bavarian Ministry of Science and the bidt have launched new programmes to support young researchers. The aim of the programmes is to develop and expand the digital competence of students, doctoral candidates and postdocs at universities throughout Bavaria.

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The funding amounts to up to 4.8 million euros annually. Bidt will coordinate and supervise the programmes. The junior researcher funding programmes include so-called “bidt Digitisation Colleges” for students of all fields of study in the final phase of their studies or in the Master’s programme as well as a “bidt Graduate Centre” for researchers in the doctoral or post-doctoral phase. Funding starts in April 2022 or autumn 2022, depending on the programme.

Understanding central issues of digitisation

Up to 15 “bidt Digitalisation Colleges” are designed to promote interdisciplinary work and an understanding of central issues of digitalisation and its interactions with society. They are aimed at students of all disciplines at universities throughout Bavaria who are studying for a Master’s degree or are in the last one or two semesters of an undergraduate degree programme. Interested higher education institutions can apply for funding until 15 March 2022.

Doctoral and post-doctoral phases related to digitalisation topics

A new Graduate Centre being set up at bidt is aimed at both doctoral students and postdocs at universities throughout Bavaria. It is being implemented in two programme lines and comprises a PhD Network and a Postdoc Network. With the Graduate Center, the Free State of Bavaria is pursuing the goal of promoting particularly qualified young researchers. By participating in the Graduate Center, the young scientists also have the opportunity to network professionally.

The PhD Network is open to university graduates who are pursuing their doctorate at a university in Bavaria with reference to digitalisation topics. A broad programme of courses and events on digitisation is offered. in 2022, up to 25 doctoral students will be accepted, who will also each receive an annual scholarship of 3,000 euros. The application deadline is 28 February 2022.

The target group of the bidt Graduate Center’s Postdoc Network are outstanding doctoral candidates who have usually obtained their doctorate no longer than two years ago. They are to be supported in the development of their research profile and thus qualified to remain in academia, in particular to take on a tenure-track position, a junior research group leader or a comparable position. Up to ten postdoctoral positions will be financed through the funding programme, and the recipients will also receive annual research funding of 15,000 euros each over a period of up to four years. The application deadline is 31 March 2022.

You can find more information about the junior researcher funding programmes and the application here.

On the one hand, bidt sees itself as an agile research institute for digital transformation, and on the other hand, it is a mediator for digitalisation topics. As a cooperation partner for the coordination of the junior researcher support programmes funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Science, it has a broad network within the Bavarian research landscape. We look forward to the exchange and cooperation with students, doctoral candidates and postdocs and the growing research network that will emerge from this.

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