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bidt-Studie Generative KI in DE Titel

New bidt study: Generative AI is significantly changing the working environment

A new study by bidt shows: Generative artificial intelligence (AI) such as ChatGPT has spread rapidly in German workplaces. Current figures on usage, satisfaction and risk awareness.

“”: Germany lags behind in digital skills

The new “” reveals that the German population has weaker digital skills compared to other European countries.

Closing security gaps

The most recent bidt policy brief focuses on the responsible management of IT security vulnerabilities.

bidt launches new round of calls for research projects

In a new round of calls for proposals, the bidt is funding interdisciplinary research projects on digital transformation. Project proposals can be submitted until 3 May 2023.

Sabine Pfeiffer is a new member of bidt’s Board of Directors

Sociologist Sabine Pfeiffer joins the bidt Board of Directors. She researches the interplay between people, technology and organisation as well as the effects of digital change on society.

The 49-euro ticket in the digital subscription – participation for all?

Figures from bidt show that parts of the population could face major hurdles in acquiring and using the 49-euro ticket due to a lack of digital skills.

Early detection of breast cancer, political polarisation and fake news: Around three million euros for seven projects by top scientific talents

The Free State is funding digitisation projects by excellent young researchers at the universities in Bayreuth, Erlangen-Nuremberg, Munich and Regensburg with a total of around three million euros. The selected researchers…

Over eight million euros for new digitisation colleges at universities throughout Bavaria

Qualifying students for digital transformation – Bavaria’s Minister of Science Markus Blume approves funding recommendations for the establishment of 13 digitalisation colleges at 17 universities throughout Bavaria.

New bidt committees: Advisory Board and Board of Trustees

The aim of bidt is to better understand developments and challenges of the digital transformation and to contribute to shaping the digital future in a responsible and public-spirited way. In future, the work of bidt will be accompanied…

New programmes for the promotion of young talent in the field of digitalisation

The Bavarian Ministry of Science and the bidt have launched new programmes to support young researchers. The aim of the programmes is to develop and expand the digital competence of students, doctoral candidates and postdocs…