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For..Net lecture at Deutschlandfunk Nova

Deutschlandfunk Nova published a recording of a lecture on “Why the use of AI should be permitted in exams” as a podcast episode. In it, Sarah Rachut and Professor Dirk Heckmann spoke about the effects of generative AI on the examination situation at German universities. The lecture was recorded at the 18th International For..Net Symposium, which was jointly organised by the bidt and TUM CDPS.

The majority of German universities reacted to the emergence of generative AI such as ChatGPT by discussing the misuse of the technology to gain unfair advantages in examination situations. As an alternative to this focus, the speakers suggested using the phenomenon of generative AI as an opportunity to reflect on outdated study and examination regulations.

We need a certain understanding for technology and a sensibility for these topics. This includes the courts as well.

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Sarah Rachut explained in her presentation that in order for examinations to be legally compliant, fair and equitable, it must be clear what is actually permitted and prohibited. Professor Dirk Heckmann assumed that a paradigm shift towards co-creation is currently underway. Sensitising students to the use of generative AI is therefore necessary. This should also be authorised as a technical aid in examination situations.

The studies are supposed to prepare exactly for this Co-Creation!

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The speakers concluded their presentation with a call for a comprehensive reform of study and examination regulations.