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Cybersecurity and IT security research

IT security research: ethical issues and legal challenges

We spoke with Professor Felix Freiling about the biggest IT security gaps in Germany and possible solutions to the legal risks faced by IT security researchers.

“Looking at the processes is particularly important”

Dr. Stephan Jäger joined the bidt in August as the new Head of Organisation, Finance, Human Resources and IT. At the same time, he takes on the function of Deputy Managing Director. Before his move, he worked at the TUM School…

“There is a need for further education regarding the right to data portability”

After completing their project, Susanne Mayr, Jens Großklags, and Johann Kranz discuss their findings on data portability in this interview.

“With eXtended Reality, completely new therapeutic approaches are emerging in medicine”

In an interview, Professor Carolin Wienrich sheds light on the possible applications of eXtended Reality in administration, medicine and justice.

Digital Humanism: “We do not create human beings – machines are our tools”

Julian Nida-Rümelin and Klaus Staudacher explain in an interview what is behind the term digital humanism and why research can provide important impulses here around human-machine interaction.

“A kind of organ donor card for data use can facilitate innovation in medical technology”

Stefan Vilsmeier founded the company Brainlab over 30 years ago. An interview about using data for life-saving medical technology.

Data use for medicine, administration and justice

On the occasion of the For..Net Symposium 2023, Dirk Heckmann talks about why the use of data is so relevant for medicine, administration and justice.

All thumbs up? What makes software morally good

An interview with Jan Gogoll on the question of when software is morally good and why ethical factors should be included in software development.

There is still a lot of future music in dealing with voice assistants

An interview with Carolin Wienrich and Andreas Hotho about trust in voice assistants and the potential of technologies like ChatGPT.

Hot topics of digital transformation in 2023

Our experts provide an assessment of which topics will be relevant for digital transformation in 2023 and why.