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Hot topics of digital transformation in 2023

Which digital transformation topics should be on your radar this year? We asked the bidt board of directors and management.

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To start the new year, we asked experts from the bidt board of directors and our managing director for their assessment:

Which topic will play a special role in the context of digital transformation in 2023?

Felix Freiling: The many successful ransomware attacks last year, also against universities, have repeatedly shown us the vulnerability of digital infrastructures. The threat situation will not really change in the new year due to the current global conflicts. An increasingly digitised society must deal with these problems sensibly. Therefore, digitalisation with a sense of proportion is also called for in the new year.

Dirk Heckmann: 2023 is overshadowed by global crises and upheavals, not least the war in Ukraine, climate change and the pandemic that has not yet been overcome. The fact that digitalisation can help to manage these crises better should become more apparent to people this year. It is a task of science to explain these connections even better and to contribute to solutions.

Eric Hilgendorf: In 2023, AI will continue to gain importance in all fields of society. In many areas, AI applications will appear like new partners. It is up to us to make it a partnership on our terms. However, civil society only has the power to shape the future if it is sufficiently informed. Bidt can make an important contribution to this.

Ute Schmid: AI systems such as ChatGPT3, Dall-E and CoPilot for generating texts, images and programme codes open up completely new questions on the topic of copyright and demand new concepts for teaching skills and designing exams. They encourage us to question what characterises human creativity.

Christoph Egle: The publication of the AI chatbot ChatGPT3 has ignited a lively discussion about how we should deal with masses of automatically generated texts. A careful balance must be struck between self-responsibility, standards and regulation.