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“Looking at the processes is particularly important”

As the new head of Organisation, Finance, Human Resources and IT and deputy managing director, Dr. Stephan Jäger has been strengthening bidt since August. An interview about his start at the bidt.

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What brought you to the bidt?

Over the last 20 years, I helped to build up the Faculty of Economics, now the TUM School of Management, in the area of administration and science management. Over time, I held various positions there and was responsible for a wide range of tasks. Among other things, I was responsible for the areas of finance, human resources, organisation, IT as well as student counselling and the Graduate Center, some of which I can now also take on at the bidt. I am an engineer in the field of biotechnology and food technology and an industrial engineer. After my studies, I was a research assistant at the Chair of General and Industrial Business Administration at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). After my time as a research assistant and my doctorate, I then switched to science management at the TUM School of Management.

I wanted to continue working in science management, but in the environment of a central challenge for our society – the digital transformation. It is precisely working in a smaller organisational unit again that makes the bidt attractive to me. That’s why I was very happy to switch to the bidt.

What is particularly important to you in your areas of responsibility?

From my experience, looking at the processes is particularly important. My areas of responsibility at the bidt are primarily support processes so that the primary goals of the bidt can be achieved well and efficiently. This means that process management and the coordination of interfaces with other process participants and organisational units are at the focus of my field of activity. Two points are particularly important for my area of responsibility: on the one hand, a good, pragmatic and uncomplicated cooperation in the team and an open, trusting interaction of all those involved in the bidt. Another important point in the area of administrative work is good, trusting and informal contacts and working relationships with the various colleagues in the administrative departments of those organisational units on which we depend here. This facilitates pragmatic solutions and the creative fulfilment of administrative-bureaucratic requirements.

How did you experience the start at bidt?

So far, I have gained an extremely positive impression of the bidt. My reception was very professional and warm at the same time. From my perspective, the start went smoothly, allowing for a pleasant, gradual introduction to the new topics and the organisation.

What are the first things and topics you want to tackle?

First of all, as for everyone in a new job, it is important to get to know the team members and their tasks and responsibilities, and secondly to gain an overview of the processes and their special features here at the bidt and at the interface with BAdW. From the perspective of supporting and ensuring the processes, the first tangible topics arise directly. For example, new contracts for VoIP telephony, budget planning and procurement processes are on the agenda. In the medium term, topics such as process and information management are certainly on the agenda.

Thank you very much for the interview!

Dr. Stephan Jäger

Deputy Managing Director & Head of Organisation, Finance, Human Resources & IT, bidt