Research area: Government, Regulation and Infrastructure

Data exchange in the EU: New rules in the Data Governance Act (Part 2/2)

The infrastructuralisation process is to be driven forward by the Data Governance Act. The DGA is intended as a control tool to regulate data exchange processes, but there are doubts about its control potential.

Data exchange in the EU: Infrastructure (Part 1/2)

Geopolitical considerations make digital sovereignty of the European area necessary. An important step towards this is European data sovereignty through the creation of federated data spaces.

A Regulatory Clustering of Privacy Laws

The working paper constitutes a central component of the underlying project’s approach of allowing interdisciplinary comparison of the impact of different regulatory systems on individual behavior.

Personenbezogene Daten und Datenschutz

“The law alone cannot explain how data protection actually works in different countries.”

In this interview, Professor Kai von Lewinski reveals exciting results from the “Vectors of Data Disclosure” project, a comparative study on the use of personal data.


A computer is a mathematical machine that can automatically execute sequences of instructions formulated as programs.


A darknet is an encrypted network based on protocols for encrypted communication. It serves as a platform for anonymous interactions and enables users to maintain their privacy online.

Autonomous systems

Autonomous systems are complex processes that carry out actions independently without human control.