Publication series: Working Paper

A Regulatory Clustering of Privacy Laws

The working paper constitutes a central component of the underlying project’s approach of allowing interdisciplinary comparison of the impact of different regulatory systems on individual behavior.

Effects of data portability on the willingness to use and pay for online services

Based on a conjoint analysis, the working paper examines the influence of actively communicating data portability on the willingness to use e-mail services.

Data Portability between Online Services

The working paper looks at users’ requirements for the right to data portability and shows how switching between online services could be facilitated.

Controlling opinion power and monitoring diversity in the digital age

Media diversity control, concentration control, media state treaty – political publicity in democracies needs a distribution of media opinion power. With digitalisation, there is a new discussion about the regulation…

Ensuring Diversity in the Age of Media Intermediaries: Models of measurement and normative standards

The working paper examines the influence of media intermediaries on opinion formation and discusses models of how diversity in public discourse can be ensured.

Philosophical Reflections on AI Responsibility: A Rejection of the Concept of the E-Person

Who is responsible if damage occurs through the use of artificial intelligence? Can machines take responsibility at all? This working paper aims to show that responsibility requires a degree of reason, freedom and autonomy…

Ethical deliberation for agile software processes: EDAP scheme

The increasing use of software in more and more areas of society makes it inevitable to talk about ethics in software development. This paper presents the EDAP (Ethical Deliberation for Agile Processes) scheme, a tool that…