Category: Technologies

Additive manufacturing/3D printing

Additive manufacturing and its manufacturing processes are characterized by the fact that the components are generated by adding, applying and depositing material.

Earth observation

Earth observation describes the collection of information about the Earth’s physical, chemical and biological systems.

Virtual reality

Virtual Reality is the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment users can interact with in real-time.


The definition of the term robot goes beyond a strictly technical understanding. Instead, robots are rather perceived as autonomous, socio-technical machines.

Machine learning

Machine learning means a computer programme learns from experience related to a certain class of tasks, and the execution related to those tasks improves with increasing experience.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence describes the branch of computer science dealing with the development of computer algorithms for problems that we humans are still better at solving.


A bot is often referred to as software capable of independently executing tasks. In addition to technical aspects, the fact that bots act as an interface between humans and computer systems poses numerous challenges for research.

Augmented reality

To help display relevant content correctly, augmented reality (AR) uses computer vision (CV) in conjunction with sensors.