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Unravelling acceptance in the light of technology: Insights, perspectives and a research approach

Members of the project “Transforming Digitally” reflect on the concept of technology acceptance from their different disciplinary perspectives.

Unequal and contested – Content Delivery Networks as critical infrastructures

Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers are increasingly influencing military contexts and geopolitical tensions and conflicts. A digital policy debate on these critical infrastructures has been overdue.

How Germany is spending too much time talking about digitalisation

How Germany is spending too much time talking about digitalisation

In this blog post, Dirk von Gehlen writes about the debate on the digital transformation in Germany – and why we need more courage.

Agile research organisations: oxymoron or reality?

Agile principles are a response to the evolving business landscape and a method for improving organisational performance. Implementing Agility in the research process and research organisations can be challenging. In this blog…

Access to platform data for researchers

Access to data from online platforms for research purposes is now granted for the first time under the EU’s Digital Services Act. The focus now shifts to the specific details of the data access design.

Artificial intelligence in court

The use of algorithms and AI by the police to avert danger is controversial. Now, for the first time, the Federal Constitutional Court has taken a comprehensive position on the matter.

Talking about the “What?” and “How?” of AI ethics

In this blog post, Jan Gogoll explains why it is becoming increasingly important for systems incorporating AI to be designed in an ethical and responsible manner.

The 49-euro ticket in the Digital Subscription – Opportunities and Risks for Digitalisation in Germany

Does the introduction of the 49-euro ticket as an online-only product make sense? Roland A. Stürz provides answers to this question in his blog post.

RT’s and Sputnik’s website and mobile app reach

In their blog post, Julia Kling and Florian Töpfl examine the reach of RT and Sputnik between 2019 and 2021. One result: the media reached a small audience via their websites and mobile apps immediately before Russia’s…

The DSA – an instrument against disinformation on the net?

Is the Digital Services Act (DSA) a suitable instrument for the fight against disinformation on the internet? Jan Schillmöller and Steliyana Doseva provide answers in their blog post.