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The bidt-Digitalbarometer

As a representative population survey, the bidt-Digitalbarometer provides data on digital transformation in Germany and six other European countries.

Project description

The bidt-Digitalbarometer is a joint project in cooperation with the SZ-Institute of the Süddeutsche Zeitung in Germany and six other European countries.

For this purpose, a total of 9,044 people in Germany were surveyed in August and September 2021 on the topics of user behaviour, e-government, digital competence, digital transformation of the working world and artificial intelligence. Between November 2022 and January 2023, data was collected in Austria, Finland, France, Italy, Spain, and the Great Britain, with between 1,157 and 1,734 people being surveyed per country.

A central focus of the study is the determination of digital competence based on the European Reference Framework for Digital Competence (“DigComp”). The self-assessment test shows how digital competence is distributed in the population in Germany and how it is developed in the comparison countries. The data thus provide insights into the regional distribution of digital competence and the existing digital divide between different social groups. The results of the bidt-Digitalbarometer form a solid basis for the targeted promotion of digital competence and digital participation of specific population groups.

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Project team

Dr. Roland A. Stürz

Head of Think Tank, bidt

Christian Stumpf

Researcher Think Tank, bidt

Antonia Schlude

Researcher Think Tank, bidt

Ulrike Mendel

Researcher Think Tank, bidt

Danilo Harles

Researcher Think Tank, bidt



Digital transformation is rapidly changing every aspect of our lives. Time to take stock: In a joint study, bidt and the SZ Institute of the Süddeutsche Zeitung surveyed more than 9,000 people in Germany on topics including…

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