Publication series: Policy Briefs

Cover „bidt Impuls“ Monitoring von Meinungsmacht

Monitoring opinion power: A new approach to ensure diverse opinion formation in the platform age

This policy brief shows how contemporary opinion power monitoring could look like and outlines the need for action.

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More is more: Better employee data protection for comprehensive use of workplace data

Dr Mena Teebken and Prof Thomas Hess identify the key challenges of data protection in the workplace. Five recommendations are intended to strengthen employees’ trust in data protection and address the needs of companies.

Closing gaps: Dealing responsibly with IT security gaps

Practically exploitable vulnerabilities threaten the IT security of private and state infrastructures. Nevertheless, appropriate vulnerability management is often lacking. The policy brief outlines the status quo and shows…

Facial recognition – A contribution to the discussion on the regulation of technology

In passport control, to unlock mobile phones or to detect diseases – facial recognition has long been used successfully, but remains a controversial topic. What risks are named and does a technology have to be used just…

The pandemic as a driver of the digital transformation of universities?

The outbreak of the corona pandemic also upended the organisation of research and teaching at German universities: Academic life was almost completely shifted into the digital space. The study explores the question of whether…

Digital Ministry: What mistakes are made and how they could be avoided

The publication discusses the pros and cons of a digital ministry at federal level. A new ministry brings advantages as a “big solution”, but also a number of problems. A “small solution” – strengthening…

Experiencing change

Digitalisation is intrinsically linked to significant changes in the private and work environment. This results from a socio-scientific study conducted by bidt among people of varying ages and backgrounds.