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Initial Funding

For innovative research projects that complement or extend the bidt research programme

Academics shortly before or after completing their doctorate
(Partial) funding of a position
Currently paused
6–9 months

With our initial funding programme, we want to promote new research ideas.

We are constantly looking for innovative topics and questions around the digital transformation of society and the economy. Our projects relate to specific issues that form the core of the institute’s research activities. In addition, we are always seeking to complement and expand existing research areas by bringing in new research projects related to digital transformation.

As part of the initial funding programme, we offer the opportunity to develop and implement innovative research ideas in this context. We explicitly encourage proposals with ideas for which exceptionally high scientific returns can be expected, even if this involves a high risk (high risk – high gain).

The proposal should outline and aim for a specific result, such as an analysis (ideally a publication), the presentation of a concrete research project, the development of a software application or internet platform, etc.

Next application deadline:

Submissions via email to

More information
  • Scholars at universities, universities of applied sciences and research institutions in Bavaria.
  • Ideally, applicants should be close to completing their doctorate or have completed it within the last 24 months.
  • We explicitly welcome professors as co-applicants or mentors for such research projects.
Integration with the bidt

The bidt, located in the centre of Munich, is a lively intellectual and interdisciplinary environment for developing innovative research ideas.

We offer several opportunities to get involved in the work of the institute:

  • Presenting your research project at one of the internal events
  • Conducting a workshop, an event or an expert panel on your research area
  • Participation in internal and public bidt events, including networking with researchers from external research projects funded by the institute
  • Contributions to our open-access publication series and blogs

If granted, applicants will remain in their institutional environment. The funds the bidt provides will be used to (partially) finance a position at the respective home institution.

  • It is currently not possible to apply for initial funding.
  • Three times a year, the bidt Board of Directors reviews applications, and the best ideas are selected for funding. Please always send us your applications by 15 February, 15 June or 15 October, so that the decision on possible funding can be communicated by the end of the following month (March, July, November). Please note: We are currently unable to accept applications.
  • Projects typically run for six to nine months.
  • The total funding amount should consist of personnel costs according to TV-L E13 (up to 75 per cent and a maximum of nine months) plus material costs (a maximum of 20 per cent of personnel resources, no lecture tours) and an infrastructure allowance (20 per cent of personnel resources) for the intended period (six to nine months).

Applications must include the following information:

  • an outline of the research idea (three to five A4 pages)
  • a plan of action stating the result to be achieved and the steps to be taken to achieve it
  • an explanation as to how the intended result can be used as a basis for further work
  • relation of the project to the applicant’s previous work
  • duration and calculation of funds broken down into personnel, material costs and infrastructure costs
  • Personal information of the applicant and details of any participating researchers (curriculum vitae, research profile, list of publications)
  • Please combine all documents into one PDF file before submission.

Please send your applications for initial funding via E-mail to forschung@bidt.digital.


Dr. Andreas Wenninger

Research Coordinator, bidt