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Research focus Humans and Generative Artificial Intelligence: Trust in Co-Creation

Research focus “Humans and Generative Artificial Intelligence: Trust in Co-Creation”

We support research projects in the field of generative artificial intelligence. With its research, the bidt contributes to a better understanding of digital change. The new research focus “Humans and Generative AI: Trust…

Graduate Center for Doctoral Researchers

Graduate Center for Doctoral Researchers

The funding enables doctoral researchers to network and get further qualifications in the field of digitalisation as well as financial support for research activities within the scope of their doctoral projects.

Graduate Center for Doctoral Researchers

Qualification Programme Digitalisation Research

We promote fundamental competencies in the research field of digitalisation. The German institutes for digitalisation research – the Bavarian Research Institute for Digital Transformation (bidt), the Center for Advanced…

Junior Research Groups

The programme enables outstanding and ambitious junior scientists to establish and lead independent research groups with an innovative research focus and high practical relevance.

Digitalisation Labs

We promote interdisciplinary work and a fundamental understanding of the central issues of digitalisation. The bidt digitalisation labs are intended to run for four years. Each teaching and learning format covers one to two semesters.

Initial Funding

With our initial funding programme, we want to promote new research ideas. We are constantly looking for innovative topics and questions around the digital transformation of society and the economy. Our projects relate to specific…

Consortium Projects

Funding for projects of interdisciplinary teams in the research areas ‘Government, Regulation and Infrastructure’, ‘Economy and Labour’, and ‘Communication, Society and Participation’.

Graduate Center for Postdocs

We support qualified young academics in their independent research pursuits. With this funding line, the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts seeks to assist postdocs at universities in Bavaria, qualify them for a successful…