Category: Dictionary

What is … ChatGPT?

The bidt encyclopaedia entry explains the technical modes of operation of ChatGPT and addresses the risks and potentials of the technology.

What is … Quantum computing

What are quantum computers, and why can they perform operations that conventional computers cannot handle? Explained by professor Stefan Filipp.

What is … Explainable AI

AI is the abbreviation for Artificial Intelligence – but what is Explainable AI all about? Ute Schmid explains the term.

What is … Sharenting

When parents publish photos of their children in social media or forward them via messenger, they may be violating their personal rights. The lawyer Katharina Starz examines the phenomenon of “sharenting”.

What is … Mixed Skill Factory

Humans will also continue to work in factories. In mixed skill factories, machines will help to make work more humane.

What is … Data Portability

The bidt dictionary on the digital transformation explains various terms – this time: What is data portability?