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New Digital Strategy: Classification on the topic of governance

Following the adoption of the digital strategy by the Federal Government on 31 August, bidt Managing Director Dr. Christoph Egle will present his views on the topics of coordination and governance.

Classification with a focus on responsibilities and governance

The approach formulated in the new digital strategy to make concrete goals measurable is welcome. Unfortunately, this claim is only partially fulfilled. Another positive aspect is the promise to overcome silo thinking in the departments and to initiate a process of change for a digital cultural transformation.

However, especially with regard to responsibilities and governance, many questions remain unanswered and there are doubts about the systematic implementation of the measures mentioned. The creation of a Chief Digital Officer in the Federal Chancellery, who in turn coordinates the Chief Digital Officers (yet to be created) of all ministries, would have been a more promising approach. Digital is not a clearly delineated policy field, but a cross-cutting issue that affects all ministries and should therefore be managed from the centre of government. The structure now adopted, with a committee of state secretaries under the leadership of the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport, will not resolve the previous confusion of competences. It is regrettable that after the formation of the government, coordination in the Chancellery was not strengthened – and this deficiency was not remedied with the decision on the new digital strategy.

This approach contrasts with the claim to overcome structural departmental thinking and to increase the federal government’s clout in coordinating digital policy developments.

Dr. Christoph Egle

Managing Director, bidt