Category: Politics & Regulation

Digital inequality

The digital inequality thesis claims that people of higher status benefit to a greater extent from the availability of digital technologies.

Critical infrastructure

Organisations and facilities of outstanding importance for supply security on a societal level are called critical infrastructures.

Digital policy

As a new term, digital policy describes a comparatively young and still evolving policy field. It is becoming increasingly visible through institutionalisation.

Data sovereignty

In its literal sense, data sovereignty means control over data as well as data collection, storage and processing. The concept of data sovereignty is not synonymous with the term data protection.

Data protection

As a category of EU law, data protection aims to enable data subjects to protect their informational interests and concerns.

Data portability

The GDPR and the right to data portability, have been introduced to strengthen individual data sovereignty and the protection of personal data.


All crimes committed by means of modern IT are called cybercrime. They are committed over a distance and easily cross national borders, making prosecution more difficult.