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29 November 2023
SZ Panorama Lounge

SZ Langstrecke on artificial intelligence

As part of the launch of the SZ Langstrecke long-read magazine on AI, Dr. Roland A. Stürz discusses current developments in AI at Süddeutsche Zeitung and in society.

At the SZ panorama lounge, we have a look at the latest edition of the “SZ Langstrecke”, which focuses on artificial intelligence. You can gain insights into the bidt study “Prevalence and acceptance of generative AI in Germany and in German workplaces”, take a peek into the machine room of the Süddeutsche Zeitung, and discuss with us the opportunities and challenges presented by this new technology.


Introduction | Martin Langeder, Editorial Director SZ Langstrecke and Christian Tönsmann, Head of Art Direction, SZ

Presentation of the bidt study | Dr Roland A. Stürz, bidt

Panel discussion on current developments in AI at SZ and in society

  • Jannis Brühl, Head of Digital Team, SZ
  • Dr Roland A. Stürz, Head of Think Tank, bidt
  • Carmen Heger, Head of Data Science, SZ