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Thinking like a …

Content: Interdisciplinary work is hard: scientists from other disciplines have different problems, use different terminology, pursue different pathways to a solution and have different criteria for what makes a good solution.

Interdisciplinarity in Action: Methods for fruitful Teamwork

Content: “Digitalization can only be best investigated with an interdisciplinary approach” says a recurrent statement that can be adopted for a number of complex research themes. But how can collaboration across disciplinary…

Data visualisation: How to design scientific figures

Content: What is the first thing we scientists look at in scientific articles or on posters? The figures! But they are not only meant to be eye-catching. They also convey information with a density that words can never attain.

Close-up: Female hands taking notes on a tablet-pc

Introduction to Online Surveys

Content: Online surveys have become a standard tool in social science research. They are inexpensive to administer and provide insights that require people to report on concepts such as attitudes or perceptions that are difficult…

Close-up: Female hands taking notes on a tablet-pc

Visualizing Science: Graphical Abstracts

Content: This workshop deals with the visualization of scientific ideas and projects. Much like the traditional abstract as a written summary of a journal article, the graphical abstract has made its way into scientific publications…

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Demystifying buzzwords and learning how to use them

What are design thinking, scrum, design sprints, lean startup and agile project management? Which aspects of them can I use in my academic work? How can I adopt them productively and purposefully for my individual research…

Graduate Center for Doctoral Researchers

Web Scraping and API-based Data Collection

Gathering data is the first step in answering questions in empirical research. If this data is owned by platforms or companies, we as researchers face a crucial issue: How can we access this data in order to analyze it? Many…