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22 February 2024

Introduction to Online Surveys

Module 2: Data literacy and digital methods (Advanced)


Online surveys have become a standard tool in social science research. They are inexpensive to administer and provide insights that require people to report on concepts such as attitudes or perceptions that are difficult to assess using other methods. Unlike pen-and-paper surveys, it is easy to incorporate digital media content into a survey, which also allows for sophisticated setups such as experimental designs. However, as simple and promising as they may seem, there are many pitfalls and challenges to consider when creating online surveys, even for experienced researchers. This workshop will be held at the Weizenbaum Institute and online, and is open to both QPD and external participants. Led by members of the Methods Lab, Martin Emmer (FU and WI) will first give a theoretical introduction to the design and logic of online surveys. Then,

Christian Strippel will provide insights into working with access panel providers. Finally, Roland Toth will show how to effectively set up an online survey using LimeSurvey—a tool that is already hosted for institute members at the Weizenbaum Institute.

Requirements: No preparation is needed. The course is aimed at beginners.

Participation: The workshop is an offer for members of the Graduate Center for Doctoral Students.

Martin Emmer is the Principal Investigator (PI) of both the Methods Lab and the Weizenbaum Panel at WI.

Christian Strippel is team lead of both the Methods Lab and the Weizenbaum Panel at WI.

Roland Toth is Data Scientist at the Methods Lab.