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Demo Day of the digitalisation colleges: Innovative projects and creative solutions

Innovative minds and creative thinkers came together for the Demo Day of the digitalisation colleges. Students presented their pioneering projects, which were honoured in various categories. The event provided an inspiring platform for the exchange of innovative ideas and impressively demonstrated how the digitalisation colleges are contributing to the digital transformation.

Demo Day 2024

The Demo Day of the bidt’s digitalisation colleges took place at OTH Regensburg on 15th May 2024. As part of this event, 15 selected student teams presented their projects. These were developed by students from the various college projects of the 13 digitisation colleges funded by the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts. The event was coordinated by Dr. Christina Dieckhoff, research coordinator at bidt.

During the presentations, four outstanding projects were honoured in the categories “Human Machine Co-Creativity”, “Technology of the future”, “Efficient Dissemination of Digital Skills” and “Sustainable Society & Social and ethical aspects and implications”:

In the “Human Machine Co-Creativity” category, the “CyberCraft Archive” team impressed with its “HoloBrick” project. The students developed a methodology for the use of mixed reality in craft work systems that makes it possible to produce and assemble customised bricks according to digital templates.

The prize in the “Technology of the future” category went to the “OTHInterBots” project, which was developed by a team from the CyberCraft programme as part of the “Application-oriented robotics – cobots in the skilled trades” course. In cooperation with several practice partners, the team designed new bricks for innovative work and assembly processes as well as suitable gripper fingers for robot-assisted construction production.

DigiKom’s “Team of Tomorrow” was honoured in the “Efficient Dissemination of Digital Skills” category. This project was characterised by its efficiency in the dissemination of digital skills.

The prize in the “Sustainable Society & Social and ethical aspects and implications” category went to the “Factory Data” project. Here, the team from the Digital Changemaker Kolleg developed an innovative problem management system for a company.

The Demo Day showed how diverse and forward-looking the projects of the digitalisation colleges are. The event was well attended and offered students a valuable platform to present their innovative ideas to a wider audience. The teaching format of the digitalisation colleges, developed by bidt, specifically promotes the skills and creativity of students and thus makes an important contribution to the digital transformation.

Demo Day of the bidt 2024 digitalisation colleges