Michael Hahn

Theology , Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU)

Brief description of the doctoral project

Human-machine interaction. A theological-ethical and alterity-theoretical investigation of technology-related hybridisations
In the field of digitalisation, technical progress has often been thought of in terms of the tool that people use and which relieves them. But how far does this paradigm hold up in the face of current technological developments?
In my dissertation project, I would like to explore the question of how the interaction between humans and machines is organised and how they influence each other when the strict dualistic separation of subject (human) and object (machine) is broken down. In addition to the descriptive examination of what constitutes a human being and how humans and machines interact with each other, the work will also focus on how a responsible coexistence of the diverse actors in our networked world can be organised from the perspective of concrete ethics.