Laura Pflieger

Educational Research, Technical University of Munich

Learning with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality


The pandemic-related challenges for teachers and learners have clearly shown that the German (university) school system is inadequately designed for digital teaching in many places and that pedagogical-psychological knowledge of the adequate use of promising media should be promoted more strongly. The research project deals with teaching and learning in immersive media, such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), which make it possible to directly experience learning environments and content. Great potential lies in social AR (sAR), which allows for situated communication and interaction during learning within real teaching contexts, such as university teaching. Due to its high level of interaction, teaching and learning in sAR requires a supported (self-) regulated process that is both the object of study and directly facilitated. Through the concrete implementation of the research project in the teaching/learning context, potentials can be demonstrated in a well-founded manner, usability can be enabled, and digital competencies can be strengthened in a targeted manner, which directly promotes active participation in the advancing digitalization.