Julian Hohner

Communication science and media research, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich

Brief description of the doctoral project

Struggle for sovereignty of interpretation and new supporters: AI-supported analyses of internal and external mobilisation in right-wing online communication

This dissertation examines radical right-wing and extremist actors and their online communication in the context of political mobilisation with the help of artificial intelligence. Right-wing actors use digital environments to normalise their views and gain new supporters. The flexibility of social media, for example on platforms such as Telegram or TikTok, enables them to reach target groups effectively and precisely and to promote radical activities. The PhD project uses state-of-the-art algorithms for text and image classification in the field of big data to systematically analyse the digital presence and strategies of these groups. The focus is on how right-wing actors mobilise and radicalise internally and promote their cause externally to the wider digital public. The work is intended to explain the success factors of right-wing mobilisation and promote awareness of radicalisation offers.