Johanna Zimmermann

Business Studies, University of Passau

Companies are increasingly using AI-based data pricing processes to reduce return rates – for example in the retailing context at Zalando or Amazon – and thus solve one of the most important problems of online retailing. However, despite the advantages of the technology (e.g., higher data quality, personalization), consumers still react skeptically to this new type of data disclosure, primarily due to their loss of control over their personal data. However, this specific loss of control over personal data cannot yet be captured with sufficient precision on the basis of existing operationalizations. Therefore, the goal of this research project is to first 1) develop a multidimensional perspective to make consumer perceptions of control measurable. This makes it possible to investigate 2) perceptions of control in the context of AI-based data pricing processes, in order to then 3) be able to address them with pinpoint accuracy through specific mechanisms.