Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences

The task of the Digitalization College is to create a cross-study teaching program on technology acceptance, technology consequences and ethics with a strong reference to AI. This is to be achieved via an extensive catalog of measures:

Development of an interdisciplinary elective course on ethics and AI in the form of a basic module consisting of a lecture series and an “eTHIcs conference” including an examination. Participation in the basic module will be integrated into the course of study as an integral part of the elective module offering and will be fully creditable. Alternatively, the basic module can also be taken as an optional elective. The course will be offered in hybrid mode in each of the winter and summer semesters and is expected to enroll approximately 100 students per semester.

The extracurricular offerings shall serve to expand the qualifications acquired in the basic module. For this purpose, an application module is to be created that offers the possibility of obtaining a university certificate eTHIcs. A prerequisite for obtaining the certificate is participation in a “Summer School eTHIcs”, for which ECTS can also be earned as an option. The event is offered at the end of the summer semester in July/August as a two-week block event (foreign students with an additional introductory week) and is expected to include up to 50 participants. The aim of the practical project in the context of the Summer School eTHIcs is to apply and deepen the competencies acquired in the basic module. In the course of the practical project, students work in groups on a research question on a given technology-ethical topic.

The focus of the measures of the Digitization College is the establishment of the certificate eTHIcs. This is made up of the curricular and extracurricular offerings described above and can be acquired in the undergraduate program by participating in the basic and application module.