Digitale Methoden

University of Bayreuth, Hof University of Applied Sciences

Various practical courses on digitization topics are conceptualized and offered to the students of the network.

There is a course on Python programming, in which students from various faculties are taught the basics without prior knowledge. In parallel, there are specialization courses for computer scientists on deep learning, speech recognition, robotics, generative artificial intelligence. A practical deepening takes place in joint hands-on courses for non-informaticians and informaticians using real data sets from current research projects of associated partners (chairs of different faculties). For example, extensive statistics from the humanities and social sciences, process data from engineering or reaction kinetics from chemistry (and many more) can be processed in this way. The transfer of results at the end of the courses enables the initiation of further work; e.g. in the form of publications, theses and proposals.

The courses can be offered online and in presence (hybrid), so that an exchange across the university borders is possible.