Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences

The college focuses on project forms that address the interests and needs of the respective target groups and make innovative use of current technology. This can be used to improve communication, maintain contacts, and simplify administrative processes and contact with authorities. For example, modifications can be made to video conferencing systems to make them easy to use for older people, or to provide access to secure streaming platforms for young people. Another important area relates to participation and communication. It is difficult for socially disadvantaged people to participate in social processes, to take advantage of offers of help or even to maintain contact with other people. Although some services already exist, their use is usually associated with hurdles. The question here is how these opportunities can be simplified and presented in a way that is appropriate for the target group. For example, an exchange between the target groups and local politicians and initiatives via video platforms is conceivable. Project formats in which existing support services, such as counseling, are made more accessible and easier to use through digital technology are also interesting.