Alexander von der Wense

Legal Studies, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich

“Supervisory boards don’t believe in miracles, they rely on them”. In view of the recent supervisory board monitoring failure in the context of the Wirecard AG insolvency, the question once again arises as to whether and how the work of the supervisory board of a stock corporation can be improved and professionalized. At the same time, the greatest changes in the economy since the Industrial Revolution are taking place in connection with so-called “digitalization” and, in particular, its core element of “artificial intelligence” (AI). In the process, considerable change will also take place in the internal structure and working methods of companies. Semi-autonomous AI systems are playing an increasing role in German supervisory boards and the trend appears unstoppable. The legal issues arising with the use of semi-autonomous AI systems available today and in the near future will be focused on in this paper.