University of Music and Theatre Munich, Hochschule München

The Digitization College AICA addresses the implementation and impact of AI technologies in the field of art as well as the cultural and creative industries.

AICA is a digital and analog place that enables knowledge exchange as well as joint practical work on the one hand and the design and coordination of a network community on the other. The Digitization College consists of three central building blocks: At the center is a practice-oriented and interdisciplinary two-semester AI Lab (1).

The AI lab in turn consists of two phases. In the first phase, students are given a basic theoretical as well as practical understanding of AI technologies and their implementation in the arts and cultural sector. In the second phase, students are asked to work in teams to put the knowledge they have acquired into practice, experiment with AI technologies, and implement their own projects. Second, students are sustainably networked and supported through the creation of a moderated, digital community with a connected teaching platform and knowledge database (2).

As a third component, accompanying ambassador programs ensure interdisciplinary and interinstitutional exchange (3).