Adila Eugenia Brindel

Geography, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU)

Brief description of the doctoral project

ICT4D and Gender Justice in the Landless women’s movement in Brazil A Feminist Participatory Action Research

In my PhD project, I research to what extent can Digital Information and Communication Technologies (DICT) have an emancipatory effect on women and gender equality. The study starts with the hypothesis that the appropriation of DICT can benefit women and promote gender equality. Women face barriers in accessing the internet, which can prevent them from benefiting from digital (and economic) opportunities. By bridging the digital gender gap, the project aims to contribute to a more just society. The investigation challenges systemic biases that can contribute to digital exclusion. In this way, the project contributes to a more nuanced understanding of the Digital Transformation in the Global South and provides foundations for societal debates.