Enabler: Networking and data integration

Gaia-X: Sovereign data infrastructure for Europe

The Gaia X vision: A secure and interoperable data infrastructure for Europe to strengthen digital sovereignty and realize data innovations in all areas from health to education.

Social media influencer communication and its ethical challenges

Influencers are confronted with ethical challenges. In order to deal with these, the industry is developing its own ethical principles, which differ significantly from the principles that apply in journalism, advertising and public…

Digitalisation of urban and spatial planning for the “double” transformation

Cities and regions are facing two challenges at the same time: digitalization and sustainable transformation. Societal adaptation to climate change makes it essential to rethink spatial and urban planning, for example in the context…

Precision farming – digitalisation in agriculture

In combination, precision farming and earth observation open up new possibilities for data-based land management, which optimizes crop cultivation economically and ecologically, reduces the workload on farmers and thus contributes…

Augmented reality (AR) in e-commerce: The use of AR in online shopping

Augmented reality will have a significant impact on the way we shop in the future; from virtual kitchen furnishings, to trying on virtual clothes, to buying advice through holograms in our living room.

Digital surveillance in the workplace

As digital technologies continue to penetrate the economy and society, we are experiencing an unprecedented collection, storage and processing of data.

The effect of digital nudges on the willingness to donate data

How can nudging increase the willingness to donate data? The article sheds light on current research, ethical nudge design and the potential of data donation for scientific progress and social innovation.