Enabler: Automation

Digitalisation of urban and spatial planning for the “double” transformation

Cities and regions are facing two challenges at the same time: digitalization and sustainable transformation. Societal adaptation to climate change makes it essential to rethink spatial and urban planning, for example in the context…

Precision farming – digitalisation in agriculture

In combination, precision farming and earth observation open up new possibilities for data-based land management, which optimizes crop cultivation economically and ecologically, reduces the workload on farmers and thus contributes…

Algorithm Aversion

People often have an irrationally negative view of the work of algorithmic systems, which is described as algorithm aversion. In order to effectively utilize the great potential of these systems, it is important to understand…

Digital surveillance in the workplace

As digital technologies continue to penetrate the economy and society, we are experiencing an unprecedented collection, storage and processing of data.

The effect of social bots on political discussions in social networks

Social bots influence political discourse in social media. Find out how they shape opinions and what strategies exist to minimize their effects.