Disziplin: Communication studies

Social media influencer communication and its ethical challenges

Influencers are confronted with ethical challenges. In order to deal with these, the industry is developing its own ethical principles, which differ significantly from the principles that apply in journalism, advertising and public…

Gamification and digital participation: new impetus for democracy

The internet opens up new potential for political participation – but many citizens do not take advantage of these opportunities. Gamification and serious games can encourage participation through playful incentives.

The effect of social bots on political discussions in social networks

Social bots influence political discourse in social media. Find out how they shape opinions and what strategies exist to minimize their effects.

The effect of digital nudges on the willingness to donate data

How can nudging increase the willingness to donate data? The article sheds light on current research, ethical nudge design and the potential of data donation for scientific progress and social innovation.