The second issue of our magazine is out! Read about our research on digital transformation.

At the bidt, we research developments, challenges and opportunities related to digital transformation. In this second issue of our magazine, we introduce you to the people and research at the institute and provide insights into the interdisciplinary cooperation within the projects.

This issue’s title is ‘Research in Dialogue’. It highlights how essential communication is to our work. Our researchers build bridges of understanding and knowledge transfer through multidisciplinary cooperation, promoting the dialogue between science, politics and the business community.

Among other topics, enjoy an interview with the Chairman of the board of directors, Prof. Alexander Pretschner and the Head of Communication and Dialogue, Dr. Margret Hornsteiner, on the importance of dialogue for research on digital transformation. Why do we need data literacy to find our way in a data-driven world? What importance does communication have in the development of a care robot? Why should diversity and inclusion be more strongly incorporated into designing AI technologies?

Get to know bidt projects such as our map of knowledge and the indicators & figures monitoring, or learn about our programmes promoting young researchers that we launched in cooperation with the Ministry of Science.

Enjoy the reading!

Selected Articles


Dr. Margret Hornsteiner

Head of Communications and Dialogue, bidt