Promotion programmes

Junior research groups

The bidt promotes young academics in research areas relevant to digitalisation. This programme enables up to ten outstanding and ambitious junior scientists studying for their doctorates to build up and lead independent research groups covering innovative research subjects with high application relevance.

Heads of these bidt junior research groups are thus given the opportunity not only to advance their research topics autonomously and independently, but also to feature them in their teaching. This will pave the way for long-term academic careers.

Both the admitting universities, including their students, together with potential partners in industry and society benefit from their research expertise.

No new junior scientists are currently being admitted.

The funding for each junior research group offers

  • up to 250 000 euros per year
  • a funding period of 5 years (if the interim evaluation after about 2 years is successful)
  • the promotion and supervision of doctoral students until they are qualified
  • the independent representation of respective subjects and research topics in teaching (teaching permit)

Promoted projects

Computational Population Modeling from Big Medical Image Data
Dr. Christian Wachinger – LMU Munich
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Ethics of Digitisation
Dr. Matthias Uhl – TU Munich
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Data Neutrality & Open Access
Dr. Daniel Schnurr – University of Passau
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Physical Affordances for Digital Media and Workflows
Dr. Raphael Wimmer – University of Regensburg
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Digital Technologies and Human Behavior
Dr. Verena Tiefenbeck – FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg
more information
Digital Democratic Mobilisation in Hybrid Media Systems (DigiDeMo)
Dr. Jörg Haßler – LMU Munich
more information
LipiTUM – A Computational Platform for Lipidomics and Lipotyping in Systems Medicine
Dr. Josch Konstantin Pauling – TU Munich
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Synth2Real: Training Neural Networks with Virtual Data
Prof. Dr. Angela Dai – TU Munich
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AI Tools – Continuous Interaction with Computational Intelligence Tools
Dr. Daniel Buschek – University of Bayreuth
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